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The more you repay, the bigger the amount you can borrow. Get the Promolante App now.

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App Features

Here is what you get when you download the Promolante App

Borrow Airtime

Get airtime on loan and repay same amount with no interest charges at a later date

Purchase Airtime

Buy airtime for yourself or others using your mobile money account. Buy airtime for all networks

Airtime For All Networks

You can buy airtime for numbers on other networks whilst still using your mobile money account

All Transactions History

You struggle to see your transactions with your mobile money ussd. With the Promolante app, your history is displayed nicely

Discover telco promos

Save money on your calls and data by discovering promotions and services offered by your network and others

Discover shortcodes

Find all the shortcodes you need to perform activities on your network and others

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