What do I need to use Promolante?

It's simply FREE and easy to use Promolante. Just make sure the number you sign up with is a number that is registered to perform mobile money services. We use mobile money prompts for your purchase and repayment transactions.

How do I get an invite code to use the borrowing feature?

Reach out to hello[at]promolante.com and you may just be considered VIP to get an invite code.

Is there really NO interest charge when I borrow airtime using Promolante?

Yes. There are no interest charges when you borrow airtime with Promolante. You repay the exact amount you borrowed.

How do I repay borrowed airtime?

From the Home screen, tap on Repay. A mobile money prompt will seek your authorization for the borrowed amount to be deducted from your momo account.

Can I borrow again when I have not repaid the last owed amount?

No, you cannot.

Can I purchase airtime when I have not repaid the last owed amount?

Yes, you can.

I can't seem to perform a new transaction, why?

This is likely because there is a pending transaction that is yet to be processed. Wait a bit (at least 5 minutes) for the transaction to succeed or fail and you can perform a new transaction.

If after 15 minutes this persists, kindly reach out to hello[at]promolante.com for support.

I have not being able to use your app since I installed it

Do you have a valid invite code? Have you set your logged in number's network in the Settings section? Is your logged in number registered to perform mobile money services?

If you answered YES to all of the above, kindly reach out to hello[at]promolante.com and share your signed up number with us for a quick resolution.

What happens when I decide not to repay my borrowed airtime?

To make sure you can borrow in the future with no interest, make sure to repay your borrowed airtime.

Next, we will let institutions that lend money (banks, micro-finance companies among others) know that you are not a trustworthy person. When you apply for loans, you may not get them.

How do I set my logged in number's network?

Tap the drawer menu, go to Settings and choose Network to set the network for your logged in number