Category: Promo

Amount: GHS 0.50

Activation code: START to 4062

Status: Ended


The Maaha Getaway Promo gives subscribers the opportunity to participate in an SMS Trivia game to win the prize of a fully paid expense trip to Maaha beach resort.

The trivia will revolve around general knowledge/facts (Ghana, Africa & World). Subscribers to this promo will receive questions to answer for points. Each correct answer to a trivia shall attract 50 points whiles a wrong answer shall receive consolation points of 40 points.

There's a daily subscription cost of GHS 0.50.

To take part in this promo, send START to 4062. Players can text POINTS to 4062 to check their accumulated points for the week or text POINTS TODAY to 4062 for accumulated points for the day.

Top 16 players with the highest points will be selected to enjoy the full package of this promo with their partners at MAAHA BEACH RESORT.

This promo ends on 12th May, 2019.

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