Category: Promo

Amount: GHS 0.53

Activation code: START to 4062

Status: Ongoing


Text 4 Cash Promo 2020 is a trivia game that will reward subscribers with cash. The trivia questions revolve around general knowledge/facts.

How it works:

Players will receive trivia questions to answer for more points. Players reply to trivia questions with the option for their correct answers (just A or B) on SMS. Players receive responses to answers (whether correct or wrong) plus the next question, or are encouraged to keep playing for more points to win. Each correct answer to a trivia shall attract 50 points whiles a wrong answer shall receive consolation points of 40.

There shall be two (2) happy hour sections each day. They shall fall between the hours of 12:00 noon and 2:00pm and 6:00pm to 8:00pm of each promo day where points are doubled for each play.

At Happy Hour, each correct answer attracts 100 points whiles wrong answer is consoled with 80 points.

Subscriber with the highest points in each day will win cash;

Daily prize is Ghs1000 (Ghs500 for 1st place, Ghs300 for 2nd place and Ghs200 for 3rd place)

Ultimate prize is Ghs10,000 (Ghs5000 for 1st place, Ghs3000 for 2nd place and Ghs2000 for 3rd place)

To subscribe, text START or PLAY to 4062. Each SMS sent to 4062 shall be at the cost of Ghs0.53. And the daily renewal fee of Ghs0.15.

To stop playing and exit the promo entirely, text STOP to 4062.

This campaign will be in effect from 12:00 am on 3rd February 20202 to 11:59 am on 29th March 2020.

Some conditions:

- Players will have the option of subscribing to receive billed MT messages for higher points to give them higher winning advantage.

- A subscriber can not win the same prize more than once every week.