Category: Promo

Amount: GHS 1.00

Activation code: *555#

Status: Ongoing


Glo Campus Booster offers 50% bonus on your data subscription while you are on campus at no additional cost or charges. For example, a GHc 5 data plan gives you 400MB data plus additional 200MB of data on campus.

You should be within the 81 selected tertiary institutions to access this offer. You can be anywhere in Ghana to subscribe for the Campus Booster data packs but can only enjoy the 50% data bonus in the selected campuses. The plan would work like a normal plan outside the Campus Booster Zone.

If you have an existing data plan and buy the campus booster plan. the Campus Booster would be parked behind the current data plan and would get activated once the current plan finishes.

The awesome thing about Campus Booster is that, you can share or gift it but note that gifted data bonus can be enjoyed only on campus and hence it will work as a normal data plan outside campus.

To subscribe to Glo Campus Booster, dial *555# and select any of the plans.

To check your Campus Booster data bonus, visit the self care portal, to know the free data used on campus.

Data plans available on Glo Campus Booster are:

Price - GHc1
Off-campus - 50MB
Additional data on campus - 25MB
Total data - 75MB
Validity - 1 day

Price - GHc2
Off-campus - 100MB
Additional data on campus - 50MB
Total data - 150MB
Validity - 5 days

Price - GHc5
Off-campus - 400MB
Additional data on campus - 200MB
Total data - 600MB
Validity - 30 days

Price - GHc10
Off-campus - 850MB
Additional data on campus - 425MB
Total data - 1.25GB
Validity - 30 days

Price - GHc15
Off-campus - 1.5GB
Additional data on campus - 750MB
Total data - 2.25GB
Validity - 30 days