Category: Promo

Amount: GHS -----

Activation code: *120#

Status: Ended


The MoMoAt10 Consumer Promo is a transaction driven and points-based system designed to reward MTN MOMO customers who use their MoMo wallets to perform their financial transactions. Customers will earn the most points when they make payments to MTN MoMo merchants for their goods and services via MoMoPay. (For clarity purposes, MTN MoMo Merchants are those vendors, shops, businesses and the likes who accept payment for goods and services on an MTN MoMo Merchant wallet.)

How the points are awarded:

- The minimum transaction to earn a point is GH¢1.00.

- Peer-to-Merchant (MoMo Pay) transactions earn 100 points for every GH¢1.00 purchased.

- Data purchases via MoMo earns 50 points for every GH¢1.00 purchased.

- Airtime purchases via MoMo will earn 25 points for every GH¢1.00 purchased.

Subscribers can check their accrued points, rank or position and associated prizes by dialing *120#. At the end of each Promotion month, all subscribers who participated in the Promotion will be ranked from the highest to the lowest per their points and the top 1,000 subscribers will be declared winners for that month. All the points accrued by subscribers in a promotion month will not be carried over to the next month. Thus, subscribers will start each Promotion month with zero points.

The promo will run for three (3) months, from 6th June – 31st August, 2019 and at the end of each month, a thousand (1,000) customers will be rewarded with prizes including Hyundai i10 salon car, up to 60 inches Samsung tv sets, e-cash of up to GH¢3,000 and many more.

Monthly winners will be notified only by MTN authorized personnel via the number 0244 300 000.

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