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Activation code: Dial 1551

Status: Ended


MTN Fame Express is Ghana’s first singing karaoke service on the mobile phone. This service addresses the desire of all “wannabe singers” doing it themselves. Now you have the platform, sing your way to fame and enjoy amazing surprises from MTN.

MTN Fame Express is an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) service on MTN short code 1551. Here are four simple steps to use the service:

1. Dial 1551 to accept T&C and subscribe

2. Listen and select a song for auditioning

3. Audition your selected song

4. Get your score from the IVR portal

So there you have it. Sing your way to fame and you could receive an amazing surprise from MTN Mobile Money. Gp70/monthly subscription and Gp7/min for IVR browsing. Encourage your family and friends to sign up for the service today! No Judges, No Sweat!

MTN Fame Express……….Twa wo solo!

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