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eSIM also known as embedded SIM is a digital version of SIM card. It’s a chip fused into a mobile phone, wrist band or tablet devices at the point of manufacture to help connect to your network provider. eSIM performs the same functionality as a traditional SIM card, however unlike a physical SIM card it is activated by installing the “eSIM profile” on an eSIM enabled device.

The offfer is available to all subscribers, both Prepaid and Postpaid. Onboarding journey is strictly digital and will be done via myMTN App

How to sign up for E-Sim

Customers can check for device compatibility with eSIM by dialing *#06# and the barcodes will display EID numbers confirming the device is compatible. If no EID is displayed, this means the device is not eSIM compatible.

Customers can also sign up via the below channels:

- Go to
- myMTN App or myMTN Lite (

Offer is free for first 100K Subscribers.