Category: Promo

Amount: GHS 5.00

Activation code: *138*1#

Status: Ended


Social media is now a powerful tool in Ghana and MTN is eager to give customers value for their money by providing affordable data access that allows them to freely connect with family and friends. The new GH₵5 Social Bundle seeks to do this by offering customers value-priced data access for 30 days.

This offer is optional and provides MTN customers better value – customers on Social Bundle would be paying 1.25Gp per megabyte of data, which is way less that the 10Gp per megabyte default rate.

“Social Bundle,” offers customers a data bundle of up to 400MB to access the three most popular social media platforms.

1 review

  • niimantse     3.0

    MTN's data bundle plan seems like it's cool, although I feel that it's rather expensive compared to other telcos. I also don't see why there should be a timeline tied-in to bundle utilization: I just can't understand why there should be a "daily", "weekly" or "monthly" bundle plan. What happens if I'm unable to finish using the bundle? Do they just take everything away? It'll be much better if they just told me that all I get is 65MB of data. That's much more relevant.

    Nov. 3, 2014, 11:12 p.m.