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Enrich your professional business skills with MTN Social Online learning. Text Start P to 1503 or log on directly to to sign up.

Cloud Campus is an easy-to-use social learning platform with 1000s of sessions, expert tutors, and a growing community of learners.

Learning takes place in three main categories, targeting various age groups:

1. Business Skills: For adult learners, parents, managers, employees, and professionals. Content is accredited by international professional organizations such as American Management Association, Leadership and Management Institute, and Project Management Institute.

2. Language Lessons: Mainly focusing on English Language for all age groups, based on Cambridge curriculum, preparing learners for the various levels of Cambridge exams.

3. School Content: For school students, mainly Grade 4-12, covering subjects as Math, Sciences, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and IT. Available curriculum is recognized and implemented in more than 26 countries on 6 continents.