Category: Service

Amount: GHS 0.18

Activation code: Dial 511

Status: Ended


This offer allows you to make a free call after every two calls made each day. It is only every third call that’s free.

The customer must subcribe by registering for the offer at no charge whatsoever. A customer can register for this offer by dialling 511.

After successful registration, the customer will receive an SMS welcoming him/her to the offer.

This offer has no expiry date and continues until a customer deregisters or Vodafone terminates or suspends the offer or this service.

You will still enjoy free night calls whiles you are on PEP. This offer is limited to prepaid mobile customers only. Customers on this offer will be charged 18 pesewas per minute of call. The 18 pesewas would be billed during a one minute call as follows:

Seconds -- Per second rate

1 -- 0.14400
2 – 10 -- 0.00200
11 – 30 -- 0.00054
31 – 45 -- 0.00036
46 – 60 -- 0.00012
Beyond 60 seconds -- 0.003

A day, by the definition of this offer, starts from 4:30:01 am to 11:00:00 pm. The free calls that users will gain after their first and second calls, shall have a fair usage policy of up to 1 hour on-net or 5 minutes cross-net.

All free off net calls that go beyond 5 minutes will be charged at 18 pesewas per minute based on the dynamic table above and counted as one (1) call.

To enjoy a free call, a Customer must make two (2) calls of an unspecified number of minutes. There is no limit to how many free calls a Customer can enjoy in a day.

A Customer can deregister from the offer at anytime by dailing 9090.