Category: Promo

Amount: GHS 0.10

Activation code: *135#

Status: Ongoing


Vodafone's Anniversary offer called 10X is an offer that gives subscribers the most affordable rates of 10.5p per minute on all local calls and data.

It is free to subscribe to 10X. After subscription, you get:

-- 10.5 pesewas per minute to all local networks (Vodafone & other local networks)

-- 10.5 pesewas per MB when browsing data PAYG and will apply if a customer does not have a data bundle or a data bonus bucket.

Note: Once you are on the 10X offer, you cannot concurrently enjoy the benefits of any other Vodafone tariff plans at the same time until you deregister from this current package. Unsubscribe from this offer by dialing 9090.

To subscribe to this offer, dial *135# or 135 and follow the prompts.