Category: Promo

Amount: GHS -----

Activation code: *585#

Status: Ended


Rhythmz n Dash is a promotion that runs on Vodafone's Caller Ring Back Tone (CRBT) service. Subscribe to the CRBT service by dialling *585# or calling 585. You get points for any activity you perform; this includes subscription, song download, song renewal and sharing songs with your friends and family.

If you are amongst the customers with the highest points, you will be rewarded with airtime, shopping vouchers or phones. Winners will be rewarded on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

The Grand prize at the end of the promo is the new Huawei P30 Pro phone.

Find the activities you can take on CRBT and the points that will accrue to you below:

Activity - Points

Subscription to CRBT - 50
Download of song - 10
Renewal of song - 10
Presenting song to non-CRBT subscriber - 60
Presenting song to CRBT subscriber - 10

Dial *585# now and be part this promo.

The Rhythmz n Dash promotion starts on 3rd September, 2019 and ends on 1st December, 2019.