Category: Promo

Amount: GHS -----

Activation code: Dial 5050

Status: Ongoing


Talk to Browse is an offer that allows customers to browse free for every billed minute of local calls made.

The offer, the first of its kind, allows customers to enjoy free data for every call they make. For every 1-minute call duration a customer instantly receives 10MB for free. This means a customer will receive 100MB after a 10-minute local call made.

Subscription to this offer is free and tariff on the offer is 10p per minute on all local calls (on-net and off-net).

When your billed call is not exactly up to a minute, you will not be eligible for conversion to megabytes and when a call is more than a minute, the minutes talked will be rounded off to the nearest lower minute. For example, if you speak for 6 mins, 45secs, it will be converted to 6 minutes, thus earning 60MB instantly.

Note that, all data bonus earned is valid until midnight of same day. Your browsing sessions will run from your TTB bonus instead of your bundle as TTB data bonus has priority over all data bundles.

To join this offer, dial 5050.