Category: Promo

Amount: GHS 0.20

Activation code: *533#

Status: Ongoing


Yendi Agoro is an interactive game of chance where customers can spin to win some prizes daily on the My Vodafone App or via USSD. Participants will have the option of one free spin daily with which they can win points, minutes or data or can subsequently pay 20 pesewas for each additional spin or 80 pesewas for a package of five additional spins.

Participants can win Star prizes (Holiday trip, home theater, vodafone cash, iphone7), Entertainment prizes (Beats headphones, 40inch TV, Samsung A5, laptop, Xbox one/Playstation), Lifestyle prizes (Spa coupon, dinner for two, shopping voucher, movie ticket, vodafone t-shirt) , Digital Accessories (Power bank, stereo headset), data, airtime and bonus points. Bonus points can be accumulated and used to purchase airtime, data and certain Digital Accessories (Stereo Headset Echo and Nano Blaster Speaker).

To play this game using USSD, dial *533#.